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Valuing Consistency in the Day-to-Day Grind

I started my print company, Dark Horse Ink, shortly after setting a year-long goal to run at least 3 consecutive miles for 365 consecutive days. Though the two had no connection, a symbiotic relationship quickly developed.  Founding a company is a significant source of anxiety and at times the brain wave amplitudes exceed sanity. There

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Anchor Healthcare Staffing

Building a Network of Compassionate Professionals

As a mother and a small business owner, time management is something I constantly struggle with. Between juggling my responsibilities as a parent, and finding ways to grow my business, it is easy to become overwhelmed. To get back on track and take control, I decided I needed a plan. I started by assessing my

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Seamonster Studios

Giving What I’ve Got

It’s a noble calling to dedicate yourself to helping underserved communities, rooting out unmet needs, and striving to make the world a better place. For lots of non-profits, their work is personal and inspiration comes from a passion for their cause. But reality demands funding to keep the lights on, pay staff, and expand the

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Spoked to Ride’s Impact and (New) Mission for Kids in Congo

Thank you, Spoked to Ride participants! The children of Kimwenza and the Live Beyond Words team would like to say THANK YOU for your incredible contribution in 2017! Spoked to Ride participants (you!) made a huge impact by supporting Live Beyond Words and the Kimwenza school project. The $4,000 given helped us significantly in meeting

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Spoked to Ride’s Mission for Masaka 2018

We have been working with a small boys’ school in Masaka called St. Francis Primary School. In Masaka, there are several girls-only schools, such as St. Cecelia Primary School, St. Theresa Primary School, St. Theresa Secondary School and St. Aloysius Secondary School. All of these are in the Masaka area and I have visited each

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Finding Fulfillment in NuHope’s Mission

I didn’t realize it all in a single moment of clarity. There was no great or obvious epiphany that changed my life, or an early childhood calling to philanthropy beyond the general desire to be a part of something good–something bigger than myself. Instead, my sights were firmly set on the exciting and new world

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Shedding Light over a Need
The Story Behind our Name

“We need to give the lawyer a name,” Kelly tells me at dinnertime, “in order to file for the 501c3 status and finish up the paperwork.” “Well, it can’t be anything sappy or overdone,” is my response. “Let me think about it.” So I go into a zone of words, jumbling them together in my

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Run the Mountain to Level the Playing Field for Washington State Foster Kids

Each morning, nearly 9,000 children in foster care in Washington State wake up to unfamiliar surroundings. In foster care, they are safe from physical harm and dangerous neglect, but they are far from out of the woods socially, emotionally, and academically. Trauma and loss, changes in homes and schools, and emotional upheaval cause them to

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Building the Blocks of Education in Masaka, Uganda

In Uganda, only 52 percent of children complete primary school. If they make it to high school, only 17 percent of those children graduate. The prospects beyond high school of a vocation or higher education are even smaller. In 2005, two women parishioners from a congregation in Renton, Washington came together to raise funds to

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Filling the Public Education Gap in the Congo

It’s hard to imagine a world without the access to public education, but that’s the reality for many children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In the Congo, there is no public education system and the only access to education is for families that have the luxury of affording private schools that often cost

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