Valuing Consistency in the Day-to-Day Grind

I started my print company, Dark Horse Ink, shortly after setting a year-long goal to run at least 3 consecutive miles for 365 consecutive days. Though the two had no connection, a symbiotic relationship quickly developed.  Founding a company is a significant source of anxiety and at times the brain wave amplitudes exceed sanity. There were days when nothing went right or nothing got done. But because I had the running streak, each night I could go to bed with at least one tick in the success column, however minor.

Exercise has proved invaluable for giving my mind space and separation from work.  It’s a break from the daily grind hamster wheel and often results in an enlightened solution to nagging problems. With my running streak recently hitting its 7th anniversary I have perspective on the value that comes with consistency.  There is poetry in business and running in that it’s just one step at a time.  Focus on what needs to get done today and repeat.

- Michael Hughes, Board Member