About Us


About Us

Our Mission

We bring business leaders around the Pacific Northwest and beyond into a partnership that supports non-profit organization through fundraising or awareness events. NuHope Street’s primary mission is to help children, locally and abroad, obtain the resources they need to survive and thrive – whether that means fundraising to assist in providing for their basic needs (food, shelter, clothes, etc.), for educational resources, or for medial and therapy treatments.

Our Vision

We utilize our board members’ leadership skills and resources to develop and execute fundraising events and awareness campaigns for non-profit organizations. Traditional non-profit partners are smaller organizations with boots on the ground, able to provide measurable goals with the monies they receive from NuHope Street. It’s our vision to provide a gateway for local business leaders to engage their brands, employees and industry partners in our fundraising efforts to benefit the most vulnerable people in our society.


Meet the Board Members for NuHope Street

Our board members have shown dedication and leadership with their companies, industries and communities. We’ve been brought together to maximize our professional skills to provide true impact for children and families in need around our communities and the world.

Scott Montgomery

Scott Montgomery

Business Strategy Lead | Microsoft

Spoked to Ride for a Good Cause

Help us impact the lives of children in Africa by giving them resources for a better education

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  • Spoked to Ride was an awesome event and for a great cause. I had family from out of town fly in to make it an event for all of us to do together. They had a blast with the ride, music and food. We are looking forward to do it again next year!

    Erik Nordstrom

    Iron Ridge Investment

  • Beautiful weather and a fun ride.  Can’t ask for a better place to end up after the ride.  Great food, cold drinks and a live band!  Sign me up for 2017!

    Neil O'Brien

    Owner, Puget Sound Beverage Service

Be part of something special

Join or sponsor our event and be part of something that will make a direct positive impact on children and families locally and internationally.

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