Shedding Light over a Need
The Story Behind our Name

“We need to give the lawyer a name,” Kelly tells me at dinnertime, “in order to file for the 501c3 status and finish up the paperwork.”

“Well, it can’t be anything sappy or overdone,” is my response. “Let me think about it.”

So I go into a zone of words, jumbling them together in my head to name a cool, event-based non-profit organization that’s going to change the world. No pressure.

My brother and I came up with the name “Spoked to Ride” late one night back in summer 2016. The stars aligned for that little play on words and the cycling event was reborn. Could inspiration strike again?

“Nu” was a given for the name, for no good reason other than Kelly and I like it. Obviously. NuLeaf Office Solutions is our family business.

NuLife and NuVision were some of my initial ideas, along with NuHope. But for some reason, whenever I thought of NuHope I added Street – NuHope Street. Why Street? I couldn’t tell you at first. To be honest, I thought it added a little edge. A little novelty. Something unique. And that’s about it.

It wasn't until SeaMonster Studios designed the logo with a street light that the purpose behind the name became clear: NuHope Street is a figurative place where people come together to shed light over a need.

So many of the world’s children live in dark, despairing places where there is no light and no hope, but NuHope Street aims to add both of those things back in where it can, paving a road to bright futures.

-Melissa Cudworth, Board Member