“Why Not” Change the World One Event at a Time?

“Why?” Just three little letters make up one of life’s big questions, particularly for small children who ask “why” multiple times on a daily basis. We adults may try to entertain it, or tune it out for a while, until we get to our breaking point and respond with something like, “Because I said so.”

As adults, more often we’ll ask, “Why not?” It changes the conversation entirely, leading to more probing, more questions, strategic thinking, and problem solving.

My whole life I’ve been asking both questions, which has yielded some terrific outcomes – as well as a few arm punches from my older brother because “I said so” just wasn’t sufficient enough for me.

As a board member for NuHope Street, my daily “why” is simple. Why do I believe in NuHope Street? Why do I put forth the volunteer effort? Why do I invest time and energy beyond the daily grind? Because the rewards I have experienced supporting the charitable organizations, the exciting fundraising events, and developing partnerships within the community, have far exceeded any expectations I had when I first joined the board in 2017.

As a board, our “why not” is also simple. Why not change the world for better one event and fundraising success at a time? Why not use our networks and resources to accomplish our goals? It’s a pleasure to strategize alongside this wonderful team of like-minded philanthropic people to lift up worthy beneficiaries such as Treehouse for Kids, Live Beyond Words, Masaka Children’s Fund, NW Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, and R.E.S.T.

When I tell others about our upcoming events, it’s with pride in my heart because I’ve seen the real results that come from each cyclist, golfer or runner registration. Our fundraising events have helped complete a school house, provide school supplies and build water wells for kids in Africa. We’ve helped give local foster kids an advantage in school. We’ve supported research and education for Crohn’s and Colitis. And we’ll keep going…

With each event, we are one step, one pedal, one drive closer to helping those in need find relief. And we recognize that our valued partnerships within the community, our sponsors, and friends of NuHope Street, make it possible.

We thank you for joining us in asking the question, “Why not?” and ensuring that today’s efforts mean better outcomes for tomorrow.

-- Sarah Monson, Board Member