A Healthy FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Natural talents aren’t something I’ve historically been blessed with. Other than the possible exception of being able to throw things farther than most middle-aged adults, the skills I have result from struggle and hard work, and not only on my own behalf.

Having a good arm has been great for my men’s beer league softball legacy, but achieving success the other 9 months of the year requires me to strategically compensate for my lack of god given ability.   I’m not above groveling, and I’m coachable; logically leading me to learn I can greatly benefit from the patience and generosity of people more talented than myself.  My proudest accomplishments are all credit to the amazing mentors willing to grind out teaching me the skills I needed to achieve my goals.

I’m also lucky be inflicted with a condition my wife calls an unhealthy FOMO, Fear-Of Missing Out.  As annoying as it is to her when I accept any invitation regardless of prior commitments, what she may not recognize is how beneficial it’s been to my life despite the social discourtesy.  I’m exceptionally fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly talented and motivated friends and family members who continually impress me with their awesome accomplishments and selfless endeavors.  Fear of missing out on success is a great inspiration and admiring the achievements of those around me pushes me to evaluate my own goals; regularly adjusting them to keep myself challenged.

When one of my best friends on the NuHope Street board asked if I’d be interested in getting involved with the organization, he certainly figured I’d say yes.  As mentioned, I’m always up to over-commit, but what he may not have realized is that it wasn’t just the fear of missing out that had me excited about this opportunity.

I had already checked out NuHope Street and met some of the incredible people on the board.  They are an impressive group of business leaders with a ton of energy looking to build and grow their amazing organization.  I’m a business owner always looking for smart people to learn from and help me grow my business.  That was likely enough motivation.  But in addition to running a small business, I’m also raising two kids.  And as someone that owes most everything I have to the generosity of others, the opportunity to be involved in building an organization with the sole purpose of helping young people is something I won't miss out on.

- James Cross, Board Member