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Are you Spoked to Ride for a Great Cause?
Join us on June 26, 2021 at Remlinger Farms in Carnation for a scenic, family-friendly bike ride and barbecue to raise money for at-risk youth programs. Check out our virtual ride too!

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At NuHope Street, we believe the business and social community can do good for others locally and abroad without disrupting our daily schedules or stretching our financial comfort levels. Join one of our events and take part in a fun, rewarding experience while making a positive change in the world.


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NuHope Street was formed to bring business leaders around the Pacific Northwest and beyond into a partnership that supports non-profit organizations through fundraising or awareness events. Our primary mission is to help kids and youth, locally and abroad, get the resources they need to survive and thrive – whether that means fundraising for their basic needs to be met (food, shelter, clothing, etc.), for educational resources, or for medical and therapy treatments.

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NuHope Street depends on the generosity of businesses and community members to help us make a positive impact. Learn how you can proudly show off your support for a great cause while gaining respect and recognition for getting involved. We have several tiers of sponsor packages available, and we are grateful for every donation.

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  • Spoked to Ride was an awesome event and for a great cause. I had family from out of town fly in to make it an event for all of us to do together. They had a blast with the ride, music and food. We are looking forward to do it again next year!

    Erik Nordstrom

    Iron Ridge Investment

  • Beautiful weather and a fun ride.  Can’t ask for a better place to end up after the ride.  Great food, cold drinks and a live band!  Sign me up for 2017!

    Neil O'Brien

    Owner, Puget Sound Beverage Service

How We Make Our Impact

A Healthy FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Natural talents aren’t something I’ve historically been blessed with. Other than the possible exception of being able to throw things farther than most middle-aged adults, the skills I have result from struggle and hard work, and not only on my own behalf. Having a good arm has been great for my men’s beer league softball

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“Why Not” Change the World One Event at a Time?

“Why?” Just three little letters make up one of life’s big questions, particularly for small children who ask “why” multiple times on a daily basis. We adults may try to entertain it, or tune it out for a while, until we get to our breaking point and respond with something like, “Because I said so.”

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Join or sponsor our event and be part of something that will make a direct positive impact on children and families locally and internationally.

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