Filling the Public Education Gap in the Congo

It’s hard to imagine a world without the access to public education, but that’s the reality for many children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In the Congo, there is no public education system and the only access to education is for families that have the luxury of affording private schools that often cost hundreds of dollars a month. It’s easy to say that education is a privilege – not a right.

The Congo, located in the heart of Africa is the home to more than 81 million people. The country’s history is one of war and oppression and poverty is widespread. Many live on less than $3 per day. In addition, more than 4 million children are orphaned and live on the streets or in crowded orphanages. For orphans in the Congo, education is most often just a dream.

Live Beyond Words, a non-profit organization serving orphans in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, connects first world abundance with third world needs. The organization, funded and run by adoptive parents, is passionate about empowering the people of the Congo and supporting their rich culture. The focus is on long-term, lasting and empowering solutions for the people of the Congo. The vision includes taking care of orphaned children with a true home, a school to educate them and life skills so they can provide for their families, so Live Beyond Words is asking Americans to act.

NuHope Street was created with the objective to help children in a variety of ways. Our focus is on local and global impacts in the areas of medicine, education, family and community programs. Through our work, we want to ensure that funds raised have a direct impact on the organizations we work with.

For NuHope Street and funds raised through Spoked to Ride, we can help Live Beyond Words change the future for 76 orphans in the Congo.

Live Beyond Words’ partner orphanage in the capital of Kinshasa is in need of a new school. Currently, a facility previously used to raise livestock is substituting for the school, which also prevents the community from using livestock as a tool to support economic benefit.

An estimated $5,000 of the $28,000 needed to build a new school has already been raised. It’s our turn to step in and help fill the gap.

Not only does a new school mean hope and a future for these children, it also means the ability to once again have and raise livestock. Upon completion of the new school, Live Beyond Words has a partner ready and available to provide livestock for the community.

Your support today can help fund the education for many kids in Congo and give them back a learning environment where they can grow and thrive. Your support also means creating economic opportunity and a food source for the local community. Both are vital elements in creating a stronger, more sustainable community that we hope will expand to do good things beyond its borders.